About us – Our Vision

The name “ImpliCities” is a combination of the words “Implicit” and “Cities” which describes pretty well our vision.
The main purpose of Implicities is to propose a new kind of tourism that presents not only the usual touristic places, but especially unknown and rarely visited places that are worth knowing and that are very specific to the region.

The company is starting by focusing on the state of Minas Gerais (MG) – Brazil, a particularly fascinating place that we consider should be better known. Minas Gerais is one of the main destinations for sports of adventure in Brazil, as well as for cultural, gastronomical and wellness tourism in direct contact with its beautiful nature.

Our Mission

Our mission is to scan the various regions deeply to find the most original places and events, and to highlight all the interesting aspects of the region from its spots to its people, in its small details as well as in its shared assets.

The goal is to find the best plans and to provide you with a useful set of tools helping you building thrilling journeys according to your aspirations.

We make sure to highlight the most original places to see and the most interesting activities to experiment in the region. We also encourage interaction between inhabitants and visitors that often brings delightful and unforgettable moments.

Moreover we inform you about the current artistic and cultural events in the region, so you do not miss opportunities to assist interesting presentations that are happening near the place you are staying.

Moreover, our web portal also offers a platform (forum, blog, Facebook page) where people connect and share their experiences in the region, increasing the possibility of descovering new beautiful places and interesting activities.
Your participation in enriching the content of the website is always warmly welcomed!

We find great satisfaction to be able to provide tools and indications that result in great experiences and unexpected emotions!

We will soon cover new destinations.