Minas Gerais, major coffee and milk producer of Brazil, is also renowned for its appetizing typical meals and deserts made with local products, as well as for its traditional factories of the Cachaça alcohol, basis of the famous brasilian beverage Caipirinha.

Classified as national “Cultural Heritage” since 2008, the cheese of Minas used in the famous pão de queijo remains the star of the culinary wealth of this State. It is a particular kind of bread with cheese that impresses by its specific taste and lightness. Wherever you go in Minas, you will find someone selling the delicious pão de queijo. The main meals of Minas such as the feijão tropeiro, tutu mineiro, torresmo, leitoa à pururuca…are a delight for meat lovers.
Minas is also known for the originality and simplicity of its deserts, notably the doce de leite a milk-based caramel sauce or candy, the pumpkin sweet, the Romeo & Julieta duo of solid guava jam and local Canastra cheese and many more…

Very often, Minas Gerais is chosen to represent Brazil in international festivals of gastronomy.

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