The State of Minas Gerais paradoxically presents ancient Portuguese constructions and impressive futuristic architecture.

One of Minas’ greatest assets lies in the vintage Portuguese architecture of its historical cities marked by the colonial period. Cities like Ouro Preto, Diamentina, Sao Joao Del Rei, Mariana …

Tiradentes - Foto Acervo Setur-MGIn these cities, the time seems to have stopped and the wanders are as enchanting in daylight than at night. Restaurants, gemstones boutiques and handicraft markets occupy today the historical constructions.

Besides, this colonial architecture is also present in the middle of the capital Belo Horizonte at the Praça da Liberdade (Square of Freedom) which is beautifully surrounded by luxurious ancient buildings, turned into museums.

Minas Gerais also hosts avant-gardist architecture designed by the internationally renowned Brazilian architecture Oscar Niemeyer who also designed the whole city of Brasília. The most impressive work of Niemeyer in Minas Gerais is the building of the Administrative City “Cidade Administrativa” which is considered a real architectural masterstroke! The complex covers a 265,000 m2 and its main building of 21,000 m2, the Palacio Tiradentes, is the largest suspended building in the world and considered the most daring realization of Oscar Niemeyer.

Cidade Administrativa

This huge building does not touch the ground and seems to float in the air!
Moreover, the whole complex is a model of innovation and sustainability (energy efficiency, water recycling systems…).
Another very visited work of art of Niemeyer is the Church of Sao Francisco de Assis in the city of Pampulha due to its remarkable curved structure.

Igreja de São Francisco de Assis - Photo libre de droit